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Arda Cigin

Do You Know Your Life's Purpose?


If you do something you hate, then you might as well stop doing it altogether. 

Life is short. Opportunities are few. 

Before it is too late, you need to find what it is that gives you fulfilment in life and start the mastery process. 

On your journey, you’ll need to master business skills to achieve financial independence. 

You’ll only go so far working for others in a 9-to-5 environment.

Want To Become An Online Entrepreneur?


We aim to take your life’s purpose and turn it into a money making blogging business.

We want you to live the laptop lifestyle working from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection.

If you think it can’t be done, think again!

More and more of our clients are living the laptop lifestyle each year.

What is your excuse?

Remember The Timeless Formula


1] Have a skill and/or knowledge on a specific subject that can add value to people’s lives. Know your life’s purpose!

2] Start producing free content on your blog to establish trust and authority with your clients

3] Utilize sales funnels, landing pages and email marketing to sell your products and services

Blog Fundamentals Set! Now What?


Do you have what it takes to overcome obstacles that will inevitably come your way?

What really differentiates a short term wantrepreneur and a long term entrepreneur is the entrepreneurial mindset billionaires like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have developed over the years.

This habitual, psychological and principle based ecosystem that we’ll teach can be copied by anyone who is willing to be consistent, not smart!

Testimonials: What our customers say?

“…What makes Arda different than rest of the coaches I’ve worked with is his deep knowledge on blogging, internet marketing and self-development. It really doesn’t matter which business area you are struggling with, he has a solution for you.  He is not only a coach, but also an entrepreneur like us. That’s what makes him an authority on the subject. You are learning from someone who had already gone through the same obstacles you are going through right now. 

That fact alone gives you a lot of courage and inspiration. My problem was particularly with the lack of traffic and selling process. I’ve created the blog but it didn’t seem to convert any sales. That’s when I met with Arda.

 I had zero clients before I worked with him and in only 6 months, I’ve exponentially scaled my business and increased my client portfolio.

So much so that my financial income came to a point where I can finally quit my 9-to-5 job and keep doing what I love. Also I’ve recently started creating passive income. I’m literally making sales in my sleep. 

Thanks Arda! You’ve changed my life. “

John C. from England

Online Entrepreneur and Professional Copywriter

“…Before I started working with Arda, no one believed in me (not even myself). He taught me the importance of self belief and I’ve been developing it since then. We worked really hard on mindset, productivity and self-knowledge. Otherwise, I would’ve never realized that majority of my problems were actually self-imposed limitations I created.

 – You can’t do this Malika. You are not good enough.

– If it was possible, everyone would be doing it. What makes you different?

– You’ve taken a lot of negative criticisms from my friends and family. Just give up and get a job.

On top that, I wasn’t sure what type of business to start but after Arda’s mentorship, I’ve realized my strengths and started leveraging them since then. After preparing with his mindset courses, I’ve started my entrepreneurship journey with an unwavering confidence…”

Malika S. from Pakistan

Professional Blogger and Writer

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Find Your Life's Purpose And Turn It Into a Blogging Business